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Victoria Murad, Writer & Producer
Name : Victoria Murad
Email : victoriamurad@lilacardeaproductions.com
Twitter : @Victoria_Murad
IMDb : Victoria Murad


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Press Release
Preview Announcement

The second preview of the award-winning short film Madame Esmeralda and the Audition will be shown at the 4th Annual North Hollywood Cinefest on Sunday, March 26th at 11:30am. The screening will be held at the Laemmle Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.
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"Madame Esmeralda and The Audition" won the FIRST PRIZE AUDIENCE AWARD at the California Women's Film Festival 2017!



"Madame Esmeralda and the Audition" Opening Night Premiere

"Madame Esmeralda and The Audition" premiered at the California Women's Film Festival, featuring Victoria Murad on the post-screening panel.



Scripts in Development.

  • Queen of Sheba / Solomon's Shield

    Action/Time Travel (2015)

    Synopsis: A rebellious 13-year-old girl, feels neglected by her pregnant mother and resents her strict new police detective stepfather—and is anxious about the upcoming birth of her stepbrother. While wandering through a carnival with her friend, Christopher, she finds a magic harp. When Sharon plays this harp, both she and Chris are transported back to the time of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. There, they learn about the rights of women and the importance of family. When she uncovers a secret of the Queen, she bargains with her for the gift of time-travel. When she receives this gift and returns home to her mother, she discovers something more valuable: Music is freedom but you have to pay a price for it.

  • Champagne Diamonds

    Action/Adventure with a touch of romance . . . and jewelry – lots of it (2013-2014)

    Synopsis: Marie Ridgeway, ambitious jewelry designer, just secured a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to mass-produce her dragon design jewelry showcasing champagne diamonds. But when a mysterious package containing a kitschy cat statue stuffed with these same diamonds arrives on her doorstep, life heats up. She is pursued by numerous rivals who steal them and leave Marie for dead. She becomes a reluctant partner with Eric Chen, an arrogant bounty hunter also pursuing the diamonds. Together, they traverse the globe to retrieve the champagne diamonds and prevent a global catastrophe. Once the truth is revealed about these, Marie must choose between protecting the environment and protecting her dream.

  • Baby Boomer Burlesque

    Romantic Comedy (2012-2013)

    Featuring these three actors:
    Benjamin A. Onyango-Ochieng
    Constance Ejuma
    Peres Owino
    Synopsis: It’s never too late to come of age. . . even for Charles Harris, 55, an aging jock with a mid-life crisis, something his wife Wanda, a Haitian immigrant, just doesn’t understand. They’ve achieved the American dream and an exasperated Wanda ignores his self-indulgent dilemma as she struggles to finish her detective novel. But when Wanda samples sensual Burlesque dancing to re-ignite the spice in their marriage, her sleuthing skills uncover Charles’ big secret -– his mysterious and secret “relationship” with Kallea, his former flame and Wanda’s Burlesque dance teacher – and the real action begins.

  • Roses for Ruby

    Romantic Comedy (2010)

    Synopsis: Ruby Jones Cohen, a talented cellist with stage fright, blows her big solo at the Seattle Symphony and gets fired, then evicted from her apartment. She takes her cello, her daughter, Natasha, and their shaggy dog onto the Bainbridge ferry. Eventually, she meets up with her estranged husband, Moses, on farm on the Olympic Peninsula. Moses lives close to the land with a couple who resemble Ma and Pa Kettle. He adds to the strange mix of personalities and craziness by playing haunting tunes by Shastokovich on his viola. This causes Boris the Bull to rampage through the night. Ruby has the idea to turn their broken-down farm into a B&B, but Moses persuades her turn the barn into a concert hall instead. Aided by their fellow Symphony musicians, Haim and Sophie (married for 52 years, still loving each other and their music), and helped or hindered by a group of rambunctious animals, Moses and Ruby transform the farm into a tourist attraction –- sort of –- until it all falls apart. Moses decides to sell his prized viola to support the family and it’s then that Ruby rediscovers her love for performance and for him –- and conquers her stage fright. The ultimate performance will be one to remember!


Award-winning films Victoria Murad has worked on.

  • “Look Again”

    Official Website

    Winner, Best Diaspora Film, Kalashas* 2012
    *Kenya Film Commission - Kalasha Film and Television Awards

  • “Misfit”

    Best Local Southern Fried Flicks Film Festival, 2007


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